SexStory1 » Grace's Hard Lessons II

========= GRACE’S VERY HARD LESSONS ================

By Dark Avenger. Copyright 2006. Email comments to darkavenger at


“Sir, may I cum now please?” said Grace politely, over the phone. Her lips were pursed, and her eyes half-closed,

as she struggled to maintain her composure, with the insane vibrations hammering her pussy non-stop for the

last ten minutes, the twelfth time that day since she stepped into the office. She felt like her pussy was immersed

in molten fire – a combination of heat, lust, guilt, pleasure, shame and wetness.

“In a moment, Grace,” said Royston, his voice firm over the phone. “First, take off your slut panties. Make sure

the vibrator stays in your pussy.”

Grace looked around in her cubicle. There was nobody near by. Carefully, she reached down, hooked her thumbs

over the elastic band of her panties and tugged them down to her knees. All this while staying seated. Then using

one hand she pulled the wet undergarment to her ankles and stepped out of them one foot at a time. Grace had

her panties, damp from her juices, in her hand.

“Done, Sir,” she reported over the phone. The cylindrical object that was the vibrator stayed embedded in her

naked cunt.

On Royston’s computer, he saw that Grace had appeared on his list of contacts online via his instant messaging

software. He had given Grace an online nickname on Messenger – a very apt one reflecting her new status in the

office. The message window popped up with a message from his female colleague.

       grace_slut: Can I have your permission to cum Sir?

Which he promptly responded back, by typing on his keyboard.

       Roy: What is in your mouth slut?

Grace’s felt the tip of her ears and the back of her neck growing hot when she saw Royston’s words flashing on

her screen. She peered up from her computer to check that nobody would accidentally see her mouth crammed

full if they walked by her cubicle. Slowly, she typed on the keyboard, “My panties Sir.”


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