SexStory1 » A Sister's Blackmail

A Sister's Blackmail

by Iggy

(c) 2007



      "Oh my God, where did you get those?" I asked Trisha, my younger sister.  She was waving pictures of me masturbating in front of my face.  I tried to grab them, but she pulled back.


      "Ah, ah, ah.  Besides, do you really think these are the only ones I have.  I mean really, sis, you can be so dense sometimes.  You know what this means, don't you?"


      I stared at her dumbly.  "Huh?"


      She giggled.  "It means, silly, that you have to do whatever I say from now on!"


      "Nu-uh!  I'm gonna tell mom, and..." God, I felt stupid for saying that.  I was a senior, and she was a sophmore.  I haven't had to threaten that for a long time.


      "Fine, go ahead and tell mom.  Not only will she find out that you masturbate, and that you like it KINKY"--she winked at me--"but you'll also get to see your pussy lips posted all over the 'net--not to mention the whole school!"


      Damn.  She was right.  There really was nothing I could do.  But just to set the record straight, I only ever used the handcuffs that ONE time, even though it did turn me on.  Hopefully she wouldn't do anything too bad to me, though.  "Okay, okay.  What do you want me to do then?"


      She smiled.  Great, she must have already thought it out. 


      "Well, first, instead of wearing that shirt to school today, you're going to wear this one."  She pulled a shear white, really low-cut shirt from my closet.  Ugh.  I can't believe I even bought that thing.


      "That's all I have to do?" I asked.


      "For now," she said, smiling.


      As she left, I inspected myself in my full-length mirror.  I was slightly shorter than average with long, straight, auburn hair tied up in two pony tails and a somewhat tan complexion.  My only problem was that I was what you call a late bloomer.  Okay, to be honest, my boobs are barely big enough to distinguish myself from a guy.  If I didn't stuff them to a B cup, I'd still be wearing a training bra.  I just couldn't bear the thought of wearing a training bra at 17 years old.


      I wore a cute black skirt and panties (of course) down below.  My legs were somewhat short but slim, and a lot of guys stared at my butt.  At least I got SOME attention!


      Trisha, on the other hand, was 5' 9" and had C cups already (I checked one day when she wasn't at home).  And this stupid shirt just emphasized my smaller size.  That's probably why she wanted me to wear it.


      I made it through most of the morning without incident.  Apparently, she hadn't told anyone yet.  But the fourth class was coming up--a study hall that we both had together.  I especially hated this study hall, because the teacher was never there, so I could never get any work done.  I was already sitting down when Trisha walked in.  She sat right beside me.


      "Hey Joey," she said to the guy in front of me, "Guess what?"  Great.  Joey was her friend, and probably one of the biggest pervs in school.  I had a bad feeling about this.  "I got some really great blackmail pictures on Sarah yesterday!"


      "Huh?" he said.  "You're kidding."


      "No, really!  Watch this!  Hey Sarah, I want you to...take off your bra and lay it in front of you."  She smiled her most evil smile and mouthed -or I'll show him the pictures-.


      -But I stuff my bra- I mouthed back.


      -I know- she 'replied'.


      Oh God, she knew that too!  Duh, that must have been the point all along!  She was reaching in her purse, probably getting ready to pull out a picture.  Joey was watching me as a dog watches meat scraps fall from the kitchen table.


      "Okay, okay," I said quickly, and her hand stopped where it was.  I reached back behind me and unhooked my bra, wiggling my arms around inside my shirt until I got it off, and put it down in front of me. Joey looked at the pile of stuffing wide-eyed.


      "You weren't kidding--she DOES stuff her bra!" he practically shouted.  That turned some heads.  They saw the bra on the desk and the blush on my face (not to mention that the two bumps in my shirt were shrunk to almost nothing), and they started giggling.  I knew the grapevine would have word out all around school within the hour.


      "I'm just so amazed," he went on.  "They weren't exactly huge before, but now you can barely see them!  Look, her nipples are huge--and hard!"


      The turned heads stared longer this time, giggled a bit more.  There was even some pointing as one guy showed another exactly where my nipple was.  I've always had long nipples (not really wide, just long and pointy) and they were hard.  And this white shirt wasn't making it any easier to hide them.  I tried to control it, but part of me was kind of turned on by this whole thing--the same part that was turned on by the handcuffs that got me into this mess in the first place.  I looked down and could make out the red because of the shear color of the shirt.  I folded my arms across my chest.


      "Tsk, Tsk, now look at you, trying to cover them like that."  She moved behind me and said, "Now move your hands behind your back close to your butt."  I did.  I heard her purse open, and for an instant I thought she was going to whip out the pictures, but before I knew it, I felt the familiar grip of handcuffs around my wrists!


      "Now Sarah," she whispered into my ear, "if you stick your hands under your butt, you might be able to hide them."  She smiled at me as she sat back down.  I sat on my hands, hoping no one would make out the metal on my wrists.


      "Guess what, Joey!  Today, Sarah's ponytails are magical!  If you pull them, she might give you a peek down her shirt!"


      "No, Joey, don't do that," I pleaded.  He ignored me.


      "Really?" he said, now looking downright confused.  "Whatever you have on your sister, it MUST be good."  He reached behind my head and grabbed my hair near the base so that I couldn't move my head anywhere but where he wanted it.  He slowly pulled forward.  I tried to resist it, but there wasn't much I could do while I was trying to hide the handcuffs.  Soon my low-cut shirt was wide open to his view, my tiny tits pointing toward the floor.  He stared long and hard at my little nubs, making every passing second more humiliating.


      "Wow, look at those cute little bumps.  Talk about your late bloomers!  Are you sure she's seventeen?  She looks more like a twelve year old," the blabbermouth said, and this time, there was outright laughter.  He held my hair with his left hand, reaching in with his right to pinch my nipple!  My hands strained against the cuffs, and I struggled against his grip on my hair, but it was no use.  He smiled at me as he fingered my little bumps.  "Come on, Sarah, jiggle them for me!"


      I looked at Trish, who smiled and nodded.  I was nearly in tears as I wiggled left and right, jiggling them as best I could, although boobs my size don't really jiggle much.  Joey laughed and let go of my hair.


      "You know what, Trish?  With that tight shirt and those big nipples, I bet she'd look like a real slut when she's horny!"


      Trisha giggled.  "I know.  That's why I got Alison to give me these."  She held out a ziplock bag full of pills, and I shivered involuntarily.


      "Woah, what are those," Joey asked.


      "They're for women who can't orgasm.  Alison works as a janitor at Cooley's."  Ah, I thought, the pharmacy.  "Guess who gets to take 'em."


      "No Trish, don't--"


      "Oh shut up, slut, and take your medicine."  She pulled my hair back until I gasped, shoving the pill in when I opened my mouth.  I held it on my tongue.  She pulled my hair again and popped another one in.  Realizing that was my punishment, I swallowed them both.


      "That's better."  She leaned over and whispered into my ear, "Now one last thing.  If you can get your panties off without anyone noticing, I'll unlock the cuffs and stick them back in my purse as quietly as I can."


      I moaned once, but with the end of the torture in sight, I couldn't resist.  As carefully as I could, I reached under my skirt and  slid my panties down to my knees, letting my panties fall to the ground from there.  Trisha picked them up off the ground.


      "Here Joey, have a souvenier," she told Joey as she scooped up the bra and crumpled them together with the panties.


      "You just made me an offer I can't refuse," he snickered as he stuffed the underclothes in his backpack.  Trisha quietly unlocked the cuffs and stuck them back in her purse.


      "Have fun!" she whispered into my ear.  "Okay Joey, fun's over, we have work to do."


      He groaned once but said, "Okay, okay.  Nice to see you, Sarah," he said and smiled at my chest.


      I looked up at the clock.  Still half an hour left until next class.  I sent my mind back to my work, trying to forget the whole thing.  My boobs felt really naked in the shirt, though.  I wasn't wearing an overstuffed bra anymore, and it was so low cut I could clearly see the two little humps where my breasts were just starting to bulge out from my chest.  It felt strange going braless.  Everyone who looked knew my "little" secret.


      I tried to focus on my work, but it got progressively harder and harder.  So did my nipples.  My pussy started aching for attention, and I realized it must be those pills hard at work.  The insides of my thighs were wet.  I finally noticed that I was squeezing my legs together.  I looked around, and a few guys were staring at my shirt with raised eyebrows.  I looked down, and my nipples were like tentposts sticking out of my shirt!


      "Look at her nipples!" I heard one guy say.


      "Yeah, look, and she's squeezing her legs together," another girl said.  "I think she's trying to get herself off."  Oh my God, she was right--I was still doing it!  I fought the next wave of lust and tried to keep my legs apart.  I was sweating profusely and practically panting.  Trisha was giggling.  The next wave hit, and I tilted my head back a little, closed my eyes, and moaned softly in frustration in spite of myself.  It made me sound really slutty, and I regretted it even as I did it.


      The stares were even more pronounced now.  I looked down self-consciously.  My shirt was practically see-through with my sweat!  My nipples are a really dark red, which everyone knew by this point.  My mind went blank.  I was so embarassed, but at the same time, my skirt was gently rubbing over my clit, driving me wild!  Then, the bell rang.


      I ran out of the room, grabbing my stuff as I went, and made a bee-line for the bathroom.  I knew if I could just cum I'd be okay.  Within half a minute, I was grunting back a scream of orgasm, just as Trisha barged in with her polaroid.  When I came back to reality, Trisha was smiling at me--that dark, bitchy smile.


      I made no move to grab them, since I figured she already had some similar pictures anyway.  "Now that you're in here, let's get you fixed up," she giggled as she pulled her purse from her shoulder.  She opened it, pulling out a pair of scissors.


      "What...what are you doing?" I stammered.


      "Put your arms down," she told me.  I complied, and she cut off the lower half of my shirt, even with the bottom of my breasts.


      "Now raise your arms."  I lifted my arms into the air, and my shirt moved up with them.  By the time they were above my head, my nipples were completely exposed.


      "Trisha, please, don't..."


      "Aww, I'm sorry, it's too late," she said in her most sarcastic voice.


      *     *     *


      An embarrassing two hours later, school was out for the day.  Trisha wouldn't let me go so easily, though.  She made me drive us to the nearest tattoo and piercing parlor, though I wasn't sure why.


      "Can I help you two ladies?" came the gruff voice behind the counter.  He was a scruffy looking man in his early thirties, his arms almost completely covered with tattoos and a beard more or less covering his face.


      "My friend here is a little embarrassed," said Trisha oh-so-sweetly.  "She'd like to get her nipples pierced."


      He looked over at me and must've mistaken my surprise for embarrassment.  Then he looked me up and down.  I realized I must look like a slut the way I was dressed.  He probably saw girls dressed like that all the time looking to pierce their nipples.


      "Sure thing, just hop up on the pad over here," he answered, patting a bed-like adjustable pad.


      I nervously laid down on the pad.  He must've seen the nervousness, because he said, "I've found some girls like to wear a blindfold--seems to make it easier.  You want one?"


      I nodded my head, and he put it on me.  At least it wasn't so bad this way.  I heard Trisha whispering to him for a minute.  "Okay," he said eventually.  "I can see why she's nervous."


      He pierced my left one first.  I could feel the needle going in--ooh, it hurt!  And then he took it out and slipped something else in.  He did the same for the other nipple.  I felt something cold resting on my tits...something metal.  Then I heard some clinking, and I felt my nipples being pulled, then two distinct clicks.


      "All done," he said.  "I'm not sure if the shirt will completely cover it, though."


      He pulled the blindfold off.  I looked down.  There was a padlock on each nipple, connected by a heavy-looking chain.  I gasped.


      "Yeah," he said, "It'll make you gasp every now and then for awhile.  Normally I wouldn't put something so heavy on right away, but your nipples look like they can take it."


      I realized I was still showing him my tits, so I pulled my shirt down.  The end of the chain was still hanging down.  I was so embarrassed, I couldn't get out of there fast enough.  When Trisha made me pay, I didn't even argue.


      The moment we got out of the shop, Trisha started giggling.  "Good luck getting those off without the key," she said.


      "You're not...going to make me wear these a lot, are you?"


      She laughed.  "Whenever you can take them off, feel free!"


      The walk to the car was mortifying.  Every step I took made the chain swing.  I folded my arms across my chest so nobody could see it.


      "Now for the fun part," she said.  "You're not allowed to wear a bra anymore--not that your little-girl boobies were big enough to need one anyway."


      I blushed.  "But how am I supposed to hide this?" I asked, pulling on the chain for emphasis.  It felt so strange having a chain dangling from my nipples, knowing that I wouldn't be able to get it off until Trisha gave me the keys.


      "Who said I wanted you to hide it?  I want everyone at school to know that I've got your little titties all chained up!"


      "Oh god, please don't make me wear these to school," I pleaded.  But I already knew it was no use. Trisha had me by the nipples.


      *     *     *


      A blouse with an overshirt fortunately did a good job hiding my braless breasts and my new accessories at school the next day.  The hardest part was the clinking of the chain.  More than once my nipple chain clanked loud enough to be heard, but fortunately nobody seemed to hear it.


      But then something came up that I hadn't considered: Gym class.  We all had to wear a white t-shirt and shorts.  I was the first to arrive in the locker room, and the first thing I did was change my shirt.  The awful nipple chain kept pulling my nipples every time I moved.  I have to admit, it turned me on.  Apart from the pulling itself, it turned me on knowing I couldn't take the chain off even if I wanted.


      "Okay, time for stretches," Miss Felchek called when we were assembled on the gym floor.  Somehow Mandy Anderson ended up beside me.  Just my luck.


      "My my, I see you ARE a 'little' girl, aren't you?"  She stretched her arms back to emphasize her chest.  Bitch.


      "Shut up," I said.  Great comeback.


      "Oooh, I'm scared!"


      I stretched my calves.  When I did, my chain clinked slightly.  I saw Mandy give me a sidelong glance, but I pretended not to notice.  Jesus, if she found out, I was really screwed.


      "Push-ups!" Miss Felchek called.  I turned away from Mandy and started my push-ups.  After I was done, I looked down and in my exhaustion I realized my shirt was hanging open.  I looked around but nobody seemed to notice.  Thank God.


      After what seemed like hours, we were dismissed.  I went to the locker and waited for everyone in my row to hit the shower, changing into my skirt and panties while I was waiting.  The row was empty; I quickly took off my t-shirt.  I bent down to grab my blouse, and I suddenly felt my chain being pulled up and away from my body!


      "What do we have here?" Mandy asked.  Before I could respond, she continued, "I noticed these when I was behind you doing push-ups.  You are a kinky bitch, aren't you?"


      "Let me go!" I said, reaching for her arm.  She stopped me short with a sharp tug of the chain.


      "I don't think you want me to pull this again, do you?  So tell me, where are the keys for this?"


      " sister has them," I told her.  I couldn't think up a lie quick enough.  She'd have figured it out anyhow.


      She laughed.  "Your sister?  Jesus, you really are a wimp.  I think I'll leave her a surprise then."  She yanked me over to her locker, grabbed her lock, and pulled me to a barren row of lockers.  Then she slipped the lock around the chain and locked it to a locker!


      "Oh my god, what are you doing?"  I nearly yelled.


      "This is your sister's locker...she'll be around in awhile.  In the meantime, have fun!  And you won't be needing these."  Before I knew what was happening, my panties were around my ankles.  To keep my balance (and my nipples) I had to let her take them from me.  She giggled and twirled my panties as she walked away.  I tugged this way and that, but there was really no way around it--I was chained by my nipples to a locker!

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