SexStory1 » Tracey visits Aunt Peggy

Tracey visits Aunt Peggy

By: Jake Olive

MOM, NO!!! Tracey said again as she grew more and more frustrated with her mother.

“I am eighteen now and I dont need to stay with Aunt Peggy while you are out of town” Tracey was becoming more desperate.

“Young lady you might be eighteen but your behavior demonstrates to me that you are not ready for that level of responsibility” her mother said without emotion. “You are going to Aunt Peggys and I do not want to hear another word about it.”

“But Mom I barely know her and she is totally weird” the young girl continued.

Traceys Mom knew very that Peggy was a bit peculiar but she also knew that her vacation would be much more enjoyable knowing that Tracey was to be carefully supervised but the older woman. She also feared that her older sisters eccentricities might be getting worse. This would be a way of getting an independent report of Peggys behavior while also keeping Tracey from her boyfriend while she was out of town.

“She is not weird she has just never has spent a great deal of time with children” she responded steadfastly. “Now that you are a little older I am sure you two will get along much better than you did before.”

Tracey had been forced to stay with her Aunt once previously when she was about four years old and it had not gone very well. Peggy and her husband Jack lived a life very detached from the world Tracey was used to. As she reflected back on her time with Peggy and Jack she imagined that this was how people might have lived long ago. They did not have a television or a computer or any of the things that Tracey had known her entire life. To the well connected Tracey this house would be a dead zone.

They are WEIRD MOM…..I remember.

One week later Tracey found herself at the airport waiting at the curb for Aunt Peggy to pick her up.

Peggy and Jack had lived in an old house on the outskirts of town for many years. Peggy had been married once before she met Jack and she had never had any children. It was something that Peggy once talked about but since she turned forty about fifteen years ago she had never again mentioned it.

Peggy had always been an odd woman but over the last five years she had been in steady decline. Some of her old friends call her a “loose wheel.”

Jack had been worried about his wifes behavior as well but Peggys dominate personality had stopped him from providing any meaningful help to her. She had long ago put Jack in his place and as she grew older and became more disconnected from reality Jack found that he was unable to mount much of an assault on Peggys strange behavior.

When Peggy told him that Tracey was coming to stay for a week he was a bit worried but reasoned it would probably be all right.

“Maybe  she can help” Jack had thought initially.

But in the week since the phone call Peggy had been acting very strangely. She seemed to be preparing for a toddler and by his reckoning he knew Tracey must be nearly eighteen years old. Peggy had decorated the extra bedroom in a very childlike manner and had accumulated clothing much too small to be worn by a grown woman. He tried to talk about this with his wife but she got angry at him. He predictably relented.

After a few minutes Tracey saw the old maroon Pontiac turn the corner.

“Here she comes………….god I hate this” Tracey sighed deeply.

“This is fucking bullshit “she texted her boyfriend as she waited for the car to pull to the curb. The car leaned slightly to one side and was missing a hubcap.

Peggy pulled up and Tracey got in.

As Tracey settled into the old car she could see it was deeply covered in debris. It was full of all kinds of general clutter. She cringed at the thought of living with her and Jack for an entire week.

The two woman began to talk and a strange feeling came over Tracey almost immediately. It seemed that Peggy thought Tracey was still four years old, the same age she was on her last visit.

“We have got to get you home and get you in a tub” Peggy was saying as Tracey looked incredulously back at her Aunt.

“Wait, what?” Tracey said. As the womans words took root.

“We are having a guest tonight and we need to get you squeaky clean” the odd woman rambled on. I can hardly wait to show off my little niece!

“Aunt Peggy I dont need a bath, I showered just this morning” Tracey said slowly as if trying to educate the older woman. Looking at her Aunt Peggy she felt something just wasnt right. She could see that her words were not even registering with her.

“Now your mother said you could be a handful” Peggy responded happily. “But dont worry I know how to handle recalcitrant young girls!”

“Wait, now what?” Tracey said.

Tracey now vaguely remembered being spanked by Aunt Peggy fourteen years ago for some minor infraction.

“When we get home we need to get you into the tub straight away!” Peggy said never taking her eyes from the road. I want to get you clean and have your hair all brushed out before our friend Bill Chambers comes over for dinner.

“My what? Wait Aunt Peggy are you serious?”

They rode the rest of the way home in silence as Tracey desperately thought through her options. Traceys mind raced for a way to get through to her Aunt.

Ten minutes later she saw the familiar old house. It had further dilapidated since her previous trip and it was covered with overgrown trees.

The brown house was set well back from the road and the gravel driveway made a distinctive crunching sound as the Pontiac made its way toward it. As the car came to rest she saw Uncle Jack walking towards them from the direction of the front porch.

“There she is!!! He said as she exited the car.

“And look at you!! Jack stepped back and took a good long look. Why you look just like you mother did when I first met her!”

Tracey couldnt help but notice that his eyes spent a long time looking at her breasts and it made her feel a little uneasy. Still, she didnt know what was happening with Peggy and she knew she might need his help.

“Its nice to see you again” Tracey lied and she hugged him lightly.

Peggy jumped in and grabbed Tracey by the arm “Now we need to get you into that tub!”

With a jerk she pulled Tracey towards the house.

“By all means, by all means” Jack said softly as he watched his wife pull Tracey towards the house.

Watching their quick retreat, he pulled a cigarette out of his pocket and fired it up. He took a long drag on it  as he watched  his wife briskly pull Tracey into the house. For the first time in 25 years he felt this penis lightly come to life watching her round young bottom pulled quickly under Peggys firm control. It had been a long time since he had seen something that sexy on the outskirts of this old town.

When the smoke was complete he heard some arguing coming from the house. He crushed the cigarette on the gravel and moved toward the front door. “I have got to see this” he said with a smile.

He opened the creaky screen door and saw that the commotion was coming from inside the bathroom. The bathroom door was open and he headed in that direction.

As he reached the door he could see that his wife was sitting on the edge of the bathtub and she was very agitated. Tracey was standing just to her right with a towel wrapped tightly around her with her hands holding it at the top.

“YOU GET OVER MY KNEE THIS SECOND!” Peggy yelled at Tracey. “I WILL NOT BE TALKED TO IN THAT TONE OF VOICE. DO YOU UNDERSTAND ME?” Peggy was shrill and her eyes bulged.


There was silence between the two woman as the power struggle between them continued. Peggy stared directly into Traceys eyes with great rage and Tracey stared at the floor.

Jack knew very well that his wife had never lost a war of wills and he could see Tracey was in way over her head. For a second he thought about intervening but then realized that this would be just be throwing himself on the fire. He watched and waited for the inevitable.

Tracey stood still.

“I am going to tell you one more time to get over my knee or I swear I will beat your ass raw with a horse whip” Peggy said with full determination never breaking eye contact with Tracey.

Tracey did not want this crazy woman to dominate her but she didnt see a way out. This woman had too much power.

Clutching her towel tightly she slowly moved to crawl over Peggys knee. Once she got within arms reached Peggy grabbed her arm and threw her into place. The towel fell first on Peggys knees and then fell fully on the floor.

Jack watched in secret delight as his wife began to spank the naked girl with her full force. He knew his wifes power when she was angry and had spent much of the last thirty years trying to avoid it.

He watched Tracey as she squirmed to try and avoid the fury of blows. Tracey was much taller than Peggy and her long legs seemed to be everywhere at once as they banged around the small bathroom. He could see Traceys full breasts as she rolled back and forth in an effort to stop the spanking. It was coming down hard on her in a steady stream of blows.

SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK the sound amplified was by the small space.

Peggy did not let up and gave her as many as fifty hard spanks before stopping. When she finally did stop Tracey lay whimpering over her knee like a small child. Peggy ran her hand over Traceys bottom and began to talk to her a little more softly.

“Now I have agreed to watch over you this week and you will mind my rules. Do you understand?”

“Yes” came Traceys beaten reply.

“Now you stand up and get into this tub” Peggy said as she helped Tracey up from her knees.

Once Tracey was standing fully she noticed Jack for the first time. She quickly tried to cover herself, her face was still red from the spanking and her blond hair tossed in every direction.

“Now you dont mind him, he has seen a lot of little girls in his day” Peggy said truly believing that Tracey was a child. “Now you hop on in.”

Tracey quickly jumped into the tub to try and cover her nakedness from Jack.

“Now since we have spent so much time in here arguing I must now go tend to our dinner. Our guest will be arriving soon.”

“I want this door open so I can keep an ear on you. Since I now do not have time to bath you now your Uncle Jack will have to wash you tonight. I want you clean from bow to stern. If I hear any backtalk in here you will be right back over my knee. Do you understand?”

“But Aunt Peggy…..” was all Tracey could say. But afraid of another spanking, her words drifted to nothing.

Peggy gave her a stern look and headed for the kitchen.

Jack could not believe his good fortune as he picked up a bar of soap and a small washcloth. He had been dealing with his crazy wife for as long as he could remember and this was the first time it ever fallen his direction. With the best straight face he could muster he dropped to his knees and slowly began to wash Tracey.

“Ok, arms up….lets get you clean,” he said as he dismissed the washcloth and slowly started washing Traceys breasts with his bare hands. He massaged them fully making no effort to disguise his pleasure.

“We dont want to make Aunt Peggy angry so we better do as she says” Jack said working his hands all over Tracey.

“Ding Dong” sounded the front door.

Tracey raised her arms and Jack continued to bath her.

Tracey heard the sound of muffled conversation and then approaching footsteps.

Finally she saw Peggy and another man appear in the doorway.

Jack never looked up but continued washing Traceys boobs as he heard his wife say “Bill this is my little niece Tracey, Isnt she darling?”

Tracey saw the older man take in the strange predicament for a moment.

“I had to spank her to get her in the bath but you know how kids can be” Peggy continued.

“Why she is lovely” Bill Chambers said with a hint of amusement. ”Just lovely.”

Tracey dropped her arms as Jack began to wash her back. They all stood in place as Jack happily continued his work. After a moment he had Tracey stand up so her could get at the rest of her.

“She is just like you described her Peggy” Mr. Chambers continued. “It must be so nice to have a little one around” he said with a wicked smile never taking his eyes off the young woman in front of him.

When Jack was finished, Peggy pulled Tracey from the bath and dried her fully. Both men watched as Peggy then began to brush the naked girls hair.

Tracey stood both naked and horrified as she could see both men clearly had an erection as they watched her. She had to try and reason with Aunt Peggy but she was afraid on another spanking and she feared the men would only encourage it.

Once Traceys hair was dried Peggy pulled it into a ponytail and adorned it with a little yellow ribbon. Peggy had Tracey step into a pair of white panties and then all four walked into the living room.

Tracey could see a large quilt set on the floor in the center of the room with some plastic play toys on it. As the men settled into the chairs, Peggy led her to the center of the quilt and sat her down.

“Now you go ahead and play while the adults visit” She sternly said to Tracey. “And if you interrupt our adult conversation you will get another spanking” Am I clear?

Tracey looked up at her Aunt Peggy and nodded her head.

As Peggy made her way to the sofa, the little girl in the white panties picked up a couple of plastic rings and began to play with them.

It figured to be a long week for Tracey.


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