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Pirates of the Caribbean

A work of erotic fiction by Wolf Ferret ( )

This is entirely a work of fiction and all characters and events are products of the authors imagination.

Chapter 1. A Dangerous Voyage

Lady Maria Gomez gave a sigh of relief when she woke and found that the ship was no longer tossing in the storm. She and her two teenage daughters might finally be allowed on deck.  Their cabin reeked and needed airing because all three of them had been seasick.

But when the three of them reached the quarterdeck, she was appalled to see that ship was alone. What had happened to the five galleons and their escorting Spanish Navy frigate?

“Captain, where is the convoy?”

“My Lady, it was scattered by the storm. There is an appointed rendezvous which we should reach in a few hours.”

“What about the pirates from Port Royal? Are we in danger?”

“A single ship in these waters is always in danger. But we will rejoin the convoy in a few hours. We would have to be very unlucky to meet a pirate ship in that short a time.”

“But if we do meet one?”

“Then we will do our best to fight them. We have made a hiding place for the three of you in the hold and if we encounter pirates, I will give each of you a loaded pistol.”

“Do you expect us to defend ourselves with only three pistols?”

“No, My Lady, I just want to give you a chance to kill yourselves rather than be captured. Pirates have no respect for women and they hate any one who belongs to the nobility. If captured alive, you would be passed around the crew and brutally used. If you survived to reach Port Royal, you would be sold in the slave market and end up as a whore in a brothel.” 

“I understand. My daughters and I will return to our cabin and discuss this.”

Lady Maria was 35 and had been married for 20 years. She had born 4 children and fully understood what the Captain had been talking about. But Inez was only 17 and Dolores who was 18 were both virgins and had never been told the facts of life. That was the custom in 17th century Spain. Mothers told their daughters about sex a few days before the daughter married.

When they reached their cabin, Inez asked what the Captain meant by passed around and brutally used. And Dolores wanted to know what he meant by whore and brothel.

Lady Maria sighed.

“Normally I would explain this before your wedding day. It has to do with how women have babies. You have seen animals mate and you know that the male inserts a long thing like a rod into the female. People do much the same except that we do it face to face. You have seen your baby brothers piss. The urine comes out of what polite people call the penis and rude people call the cock.”

“When we have our monthly bleeding, the blood comes out of what educated people call the vagina and vulgar people call the cunt or pussy.”

She made a tunnel with the thumb and fingers of her left hand and moved her right forefinger back and forth inside the tunnel as she continued the explanation.

“When people mate, the mans penis swells and becomes much wider and longer and very rigid. The woman lies on her back with her legs spread. The man lies on top of her and slides his penis into her vagina. He moves it in and out until a thick white liquid called semen or cum comes out of it. No one understands the process but that semen is what causes women to have babies. Women are often compared to a fertile field that a man ploughs and seeds. The semen is the seed.”

Inez made a face and said, “It sounds unpleasant.”

“Its not painful except the first few times. If the man is gentle and slow it can be a very great pleasure.”

Dolores interrupted to ask, “Ive heard that women bleed when they loose their virginity. Is that true?”

“Yes, there is a thin membrane, called the hymen, in your vagina. The first time you mate, the mans penis breaks the hymen and it bleeds. The bleeding will stop by itself and the pain does not last long.”

“If both the man and woman want to mate, we say they are making love. But men are so much bigger and stronger than women that they can mate with a woman even if she objects. We call that rape. Rape is often called a fate worse than death.”

“There are women who are willing to mate with any man provided the man pays for it. We call them whores. Sometimes a number of whores work in the same building. We call that building a brothel.”

“Inez, lie down on your back on the floor. Put your arms over your head. Now spread your arms and legs so they make a letter X. Imagine you are held in that position. It could be that men are holding your wrists and ankles or it could be that you are tied to stakes. Now imagine you are completely naked not a stich of clothing. You are lying there and can see a line of men. A man has just finished raping you. He rolls off your body and is immediately replaced by the next man in line.”

“Dolores - stand up and put your hands behind your back. Imagine that your wrists are tied and you are totally naked. You are in the crews quarters. One man is raping you and when he finishes you are dragged to another man who begins to rape you. You are used by man after man until they tire of you.”

“That is what the Captain meant when he said we would be passed around. We would be naked and helpless and man after man would rape us.”

“It is possible that being raped so often would injure you or me so badly that we die. But if we survive, we would be sold naked at the slave market at Port Royal and brought by the owner of one of the very many brothels there. Our owners would beat and torture us until we submitted to working as whores. The money paid by the men who used our bodies would go to our owners and not to us.”

Inez and Dolores turned pale and began to weep.

“The Captain says that he will give us pistols if we are attacked by pirates. He wants us to have a choice between suicide and a life of repeated rape.”

“Mother, what are you going to do if pirates capture the ship?”

“If I was alone, I would shoot myself in the head rather than be captured. But I will not leave you alone. You must not think that I can protect you; we will be completely helpless at the hands of brutal and ruthless men. I can try to convince them to ask your father for ransom but they will almost certainly prefer our bodies to money.”

“But Mother, the Church says that suicide is a mortal sin.”

“Yes, but I do not believe God would punish us for choosing death before a lifetime of rape.”

The discussion continued for a long time. Lady Maria had been married to an army officer for 20 years. Most of her friends were also army wives. She and her friends had been told about the sack of captured cities. She had no illusions about what men could do when there were no constraints.

Moreover, she believed that a wife had a duty to submit to her husband. There had been times when he had slapped her and taken her very roughly. She thought she knew what rape would be like.

Her daughters, on the other hand, were young and innocent. They did not want to die and they were sure God would protect the innocent. Their mother was unable to convince them that death was better than capture. And she was not willing to leave them alone to their fate. The final decision was that the pistols would not be used.

Chapter 2. Disaster

The three women returned to the quarterdeck.

“Captain, would you please have someone clean our cabin?”

“Certainly, My Lady. Have you given any thoughts to the risk of capture?”

“Yes, I appreciate your offer of pistols but my daughters are not willing to use them. They consider suicide to be a mortal sin and do not believe what I told them about being captured.”

The Captain sighed as he said, “I can not advise you. Only you can make that decision.”

“Yes, but meantime we can enjoy the fresh air unless you object to us being on deck.”

“You are welcome. The crew enjoys the chance to look at such beautiful women.”

The family was still on deck when the lookout called “Sail Ho! Two points off the starboard bow.”

“Is it the convoy?”

“No Sir. Only one ship and I do not recognize her.”

“Clear for action! Escort the ladies to the hold!”

“Pirates Captain?”

“I do not know but it is safer to prepare for the worse.”

The three women were led to the hold. A small space surrounded by heavy barrels and bundles had been cleared for them. It was below waterline, which meant they were safe from cannon shot. A search would almost certainly find them and, in any case, lack of food and water would drive them out of hiding in a few days.

But it was the best that could be done.

They waited, hoping the strange sail was a friendly ship and fearing that it was a pirate. The sound of cannon told them that it was a pirate ship. The cannon shots were soon followed by loud yells and the clash of swords as the ship was boarded.

The girls were weeping and all that Lady Maria could do was hug them and say “Courage children. We must pray and trust in the Lord.”

The fighting lasted a few minutes. It was followed by screams and the sound of men exploring the ship. Then they heard a shout “Ive found a cabin full of womens clothing! Expensive clothing and some jewellery!”

“Search the hold! The bitches are hiding there!”

Their hiding place was soon discovered. The three women tried to resist as they were pulled out of hiding but  were subdued by hard blows to their bellies which drove the air out of their lungs. Their hands were tied behind their backs and all three were slung over the shoulders of the biggest men.

They were dumped on the upper deck and pulled to their feet. The familiar faces of the crew and Captain were not to be seen. The pirates cheered “Weve got a hen and two chicks!”

The women were unmolested for a time while the pirates continued to search the ship. The Captain of the pirates appointed 10 men as a prize crew to take the ship to Port Royal while his own ship would spend another month at sea hunting for more prizes.

Lady Maria begged “Please Captain, my husband is rich and will pay a good ransom for us.”

“Who is your husband and where is he?”

“Major Luis Gomez, the second in command of the garrison at Panama City.”

“He must be the man who hung six of my men. I may return you to him when all three of you have big bellies and are well marked as whores.”

Turning to the prize crew he said. “We will take all three of the whores with us. Strip them naked and you can have an hour to play with the oldest bitch before we sail.”

The screaming girls were soon stark naked in front of the laughing men. Their mother was also naked but was biting her lip to hold back her screams.  She did not want the men to know that she was frightened.

Now that all three were naked, the family resemblance was obvious. 5 feet 5 inches give or take a few inches, 100 to 120 pounds, good breasts Lady Marias sagging a bit from breastfeeding but the others firm and jutting out well, narrow waists and wide hips. They were good fucking material.

The pirate Captain pointed to the mother and said, “What is your name?”

“Lady Maria Gomez.”

He slapped her face,  “Dont lie to us! A lady wouldnt be standing naked in front of strange men. Only a slut would do that. Youll answer to Maria or slut or bitch or whore.”

He pointed to one of the girls and asked her name but she was sobbing so hard that she didnt reply.

He took one of her breasts in his hand and squeezed it very hard, “Ill give you something to cry about!”

She screamed but managed to gasp out “Im Inez.”

He pointed to the last woman “Your name?”

“Dolores please dont hurt us.”

She received several hard slaps to her breasts. Then he nodded to the prize crew. “All right men, you have an hour to make a slut out of the oldest bitch.”

Maria was thrown to the deck and spread eagled with four men holding her wrists and ankles. Inez and Dolores were forced to stand on either side of her. Their heads were pushed down so that they had to watch their mother being defiled.

The ten-man prize crew lined up and the first mounted Maria. She didnt try to resist. He knew that he only had a few minutes so he thrust rapidly and deeply until he gave a grunt, shot his sperm into her, and rolled off. The next man immediately mounted her and Maria screamed and began to fight. It was useless and she gave up the struggle after the fifth man.  She just wept while the remaining five men mounted and raped her.

Her watching daughters gasped as they saw the first entry and moaned at each additional one. They were shocked when a thick white liquid began to drip from her abused cunt.

They began to scream, “Please stop! Leave us alone! In Gods name, have mercy!”  It wasnt clear if they were pleading for the rapes to stop or were objecting to the exploring hands fondling their breasts, pinching their nipples, running down their sides and belly and playing with their hairy bushes. Or perhaps they were objecting to the fingers playing with their clits and pushing into their assholes. It didnt matter because the men continued to do whatever they felt like and ignored female protests.

When the last man in line finished, Maria was pulled to her feet, her hands tied behind her again, and all three women were carried to the pirate ship.

Chapter 3. Breaking in a Virgin

Even pirates need discipline and order while at sea. The crew was divided into the usual port and starboard watches about 50 men to a watch. They used a watch system of four hours on and four off. The Captain announced that the starboard watch was off duty and set about disposing of their captives.

The ships carpenter had made what looked like a large picture frame eight feet long and four feet wide. Maria was spread eagled in it with her ankles and wrists tied loosely to the corners. She would be able to squirm but would not be able to protect herself. The Captain said she would be kept in the frame for two days and nights.

“The off duty watch can do what they want with her for 48 hours, but try not to kill her. We want to sell her to a brothel in Port Royal.”

While Maria was in the rape frame, the Captain would have exclusive use of Inez and the six officers and petty officers would share the use of Dolores. When Maria had completed her time, Dolores would be placed in the frame for two days and nights and the Captain would pass Inez to the officers. Inez would replace Dolores after a further 48 hours and when Inez was released from the frame, they would find other ways for the three sluts to entertain the crew.

The Captain did not stand watch but was called whenever the officer of the deck needed new sailing orders. Meantime, he was free to enjoy Inez in the privacy of his cabin. After the crew had finished looking at her naked body, he took her to his cabin and the off duty officers took Dolores to the wardroom.

Inez was crying and begged, “Please dont hurt me.” The Captain slapped her face repeatedly until blood was trickling out of the corner of her mouth. Then he began slapping her breasts until they were red.

He took off his clothes revealing his large and rigid cock. He pulled her toward him until his cock was pressed against her belly. Then he threw her on the bed, forced her legs apart and knelt between her thighs. His weight prevented her from struggling while he guided his cock into her virgin pussy. It was a tight fit and required much thrusting and pushing until he was fully into her. She was screaming but the Captain spat in her face and yelled “Shut Up!”

Once into her, he took his time, pulling almost all the way out and then pushing back in.  She moaned each time he reached the end of his stroke.

He grunted as he shot his seed deep into her and rolled off so that he was lying on the bed next to her. His hand ran down her body and between her legs where his fingers became coated with her blood and his cum. He forced her to lick them clean.

He spent some time lying next to her and running his hands over her body as she sobbed. In time he became aroused again and dragged her to a table. He bent her over the table, spat on one finger and used it to lubricate her virgin shit hole.  His swollen cock was a tight fit but he slowly pushed it deep into her ass. He ignored her frantic screams as his long slow strokes ravished her shit hole.

After shooting his cum into her bowels, he forced her to her knees and ordered her to clean his cock with her tongue. She shook her tear-streaked face but that earned her more face slapping followed by his fingers pinching her nose shut.  Desperate for air, she put out her tongue and licked him clean.

He untied her and told her “Little slut, lie on the deck next to my bed. You can sleep there until I want to play with you again.”  Inez was no longer bound but realized that she couldnt escape the only way out of the cabin led to the deck of the pirate ship. Snores told her that the Captain was asleep and she curled up in a ball and cried herself to sleep.

She was woken by a kick in the ribs.

“On your back and spread yourself!”

The Captain ran his bare feet over her breasts and belly and made her kiss them.

“On your knees in front of me! Run your fingers over my cock. Now lick and kiss it. Open your mouth!”

“Take my cock in your mouth and dont even think of biting unless you want a long painful day tomorrow.”

“Now move your head back and forth, running your lips and tongue over my cock.”

He took a handful of her hair and forced her to move her head up and down his cock.

“Im ready to spill my seed in your mouth. Swallow all of it!”

He came in her mouth and put one hand over her mouth and squeezed her nostrils shut with the other hand until she swallowed.

“Thats called a blowjob. Now that you are a slut, you will give blowjobs to any man who wants one.”

“Go back to sleep.”

The Captain woke at dawn and kicked Inez awake. He tied her hands behind her back and made her kneel in front of him as he fed her breakfast and some water. He made her walk out of the cabin and on to the deck. His cum and her blood had dried on her legs and her ass and lips so that any man looking at her would know she was no longer a virgin.

“You are a slave. I can do anything I want with you and you must obey any order that I give.”

He had a sailor tie a rope to her bound wrists and haul her up until she was standing on tiptoe.  She screamed from the pain of her wrenched arms. “When a man comes near you, you are to say Please, Sir, feel my breasts and pussy. When he is done, you are to say Thank you Sir. Youll stay like that until you have been felt up by ten men.”

He ordered one of the sailors to be the first man and told him to keep count. She had to speak loudly and clearly or it wouldnt be counted.

The sailor cheated her. He only counted every other man. She hung there for two hours and was mauled by 20 men before the Captain took her down. He kept her, naked and hands bound behind her, on deck for the rest of the day. He forced her to kneel in front of the watching crew while he fed and watered her by hand.

At sundown, he took her back to his cabin and released her hands. “Did you enjoy the morning? Im going to keep you untied tonight but I expect you to work hard to please me. If you give me trouble, Ill let the men play with you some more.”

She moaned and tears ran down her face but nodded her head to show that she understood.

“Speak up! Do you understand that you are a slave?”


He slapped her face hard enough to knock her to the floor. “You call me Master and tell me what you understand about your condition. Now stand up.”

“Do you understand that you are a slave?”

“Yes Master, I understand that I am your slave.”

“Not quite correct. Do not use I or your name. Refer to yourself as your slave. Do you understand?”

“Yes Master. Your slave understands that she is a slave.”

“Thats better. Im doing you a favour. You will be sold in the slave market at Port Royal. Your new owner will put you to work as a whore. If you dont please your customers, your owner will beat you. What I teach you may save you some beatings.”

“Now let me see you properly. Put your hands behind your neck and spread your legs.”

“Smile! You dont want your customers to see you crying or frowning.”

“Keep your hands behind your neck and stretch by bending backwards.”

“Bend more. Your customers want to see the hole between your legs. Slaves are not permitted modesty or shyness.”

“Walk around a bit and move your hips while Im undressing.”

When he was naked, he told her, “Walk toward me, press your self against me, and put your arms around me.”

“Tighter! You want to press your body against mine. Now tilt your head back so I can kiss you.”

“No! That wont do. You are letting yourself be kissed rather than kissing. Push your lips out. Now try again.”

“Better. Go lie down on the bed.”

“Hands behind your neck, legs spread. You want to give the man easy access to your pussy.”

He lay down beside her and began running one hand over her breast while the other hand moved down over her stomach and through her bush until his fingers entered her cunt and began to play with her clit.

He started kissing her lips and moved his mouth down her neck until he was kissing her breasts and sucking on a nipple.

“Get used to this. You will have to do it 20 or 30 times a night when youre a whore. Any resistance or struggle or sign of dislike will get you a beating. Perhaps I should have you beaten so you know what to expect.”

“Please Master. Please dont beat your slave.”

He rolled over so that he was on top of her.

“Put you arms around me.”

He slid his cock into her and said, “Now lift your legs and wrap them around my thighs. Move your hips as I thrust.”

He made her respond to his strokes until he gave a grunt and came deep inside her.

He rolled off her and said, “That is a start but you need to use your hips more. Tomorrow you can start two days of practice with the officers before you are handed over to the crew.”

“Stand next to the bed with your hands behind your neck until I tell you to move.”

He lay on his bed idly running a hand over her hips, ass and bush until his cock started rising again. He sat up and said, “Kneel between my legs. Kiss and lick my balls. Now take my cock in your fingers and run them lightly up and down the shaft.

Lick and kiss it. Open your mouth and take it in. Move your head so your lips run up and down my cock. Use your tongue to caress it. Keep going … Im about to come. Be sure to swallow it.”

“Thats called giving head or giving a blowjob. You need practice but the crew will give you plenty.”

“Now lie down on the deck and get some sleep. Ill use your ass after we both have a nap.”

She cried herself to sleep again and was woken by a kick.

“Get on the bed and lie on your side next to me.”

He put an arm around her with his hand holding her breast. His other hand guided his cock into her ass and then seized her other breast. His hands squeezed her breasts in time with his thrusts. She screamed in pain and pleaded “Please, not that. Please, it hurts” but he just squeezed harder and thrust more rapidly. When he was ready to come, he pulled out and said, “Face me and slide down until your head is at my waist. Take my cock in your mouth and work on it until I come.”

“You must not scream and cry when a customer is taking his pleasure with you. A good beating tomorrow will teach you the folly of doing that and then Ill hand you over to the officers to continue your education.”

Chapter 4. Gang Raping a Virgin

Meanwhile, the officers had been introducing Dolores to sex. There were six officers who had private cabins. They shared a wardroom. Since Dolores was shared property, she belonged in the wardroom. The officers were divided into two watches. The three off watch officers kept her hands tied behind her and put her on her back on the dining table. Two held her legs wide apart while the stood between her legs with his hands gripping her breasts. He didnt waste any time being gentle. He just pushed his cock through her hymen and sank it into her as deeply as he could. He squeezed her breasts each time he thrust into her.  She was screaming and begging “Please God, dont do this to me. For the love of Mary, please stop” but it did her no good at all.

When he finally pulled out, he was promptly replaced by one of the other officers who began by slapping her breasts and saying “Shut up you little whore, youre going to be doing this for a living when we get to Port Royal.”

He made a point of digging his fingers deep into her tender breasts as he fucked her. Then he handed her over to the third officer.

This one was tired of hearing her scream. He held her nose closed until she was forced to breath through her wide-open mouth. Then he pissed in it and forced her to swallow by holding his over her mouth.

He took his turn raping her while she lay gasping for breath.

When the last man was done, they pulled her to her feet and let the cum and blood drip out of her onto the deck. She was pushed to the deck and ordered to lick it clean. She moaned and said, “I wont do such a filthy thing. It is unnatural and forbidden by God!” A foot on her back and her bound arms pulled into the air changed her mind and she licked and licked until the men were satisfied.

They used her hair to pull her upright and made her stand next to one of the chairs while they sat around drinking wine. The sitting man ran his hands over her breasts and hips and belly and then sent her to the next chair.  She was passed around the room to be fondled again and again by the three men until they felt themselves rousing for another fuck.

This time they had her kneel while they taught her how to suck a cock. She tried to refuse saying that “God wouldnt permit it!” but two held her while the third put a fist hard into her belly and kicked her groin. That was enough to convince her.

She sank to her knees and began licking his cock before taking it in her mouth and sucking it. He held her hair and moved her head up and down his cock until he came and she swallowed.

Then she crawled to the next man and repeated the performance and then served the third man.

She finished just as the watch was called and the first group of officers was replaced by the second.

Their leader looked her over and saw she had one unused hole. She was placed face down on the table. The senior officer whipped her ass with a leather strap until it was bright red. Then he had the other two men spread her ass cheeks so the strap would land on the crack between them. He finished by whipping her tender cunt lips.

She heard him say, “That should warm her up nicely! Now lets see how she likes a cock in her ass ”, and she begged, “Please, not there. Please have pity on me.”

He pressed the tip of his cock against her shit hole and began to push. It was too tight for him so he used the hilt of a knife to open it up. After a few minutes work and many screams for mercy, her shit hole was wide enough to take a cock. He worked his cock in until his groin was pressing against her ass. The he pulled out almost all the way and thrust in hard. He had good stamina and it was some time before she felt his seed gushing into her bowels.

The next man started on her ass while the leader walked around the table to where her head was resting on the edge. “Take my cock in your mouth and clean it!” She had already learned better than to object and soon had cocks in both her ass and mouth.

“Thats a good little whore. The crew will have fun teaching you how to service three cocks at once.”

The third man took his turn fucking her ass and they left her lying there.

The three men relaxed in comfortable chairs drinking wine and watching Dolores shake with sobs. When they were ready for more action, they put her on the floor and taught her how it felt to have a man mount her and crush her under his weight. They tried various leg positions such as flat on her back with her legs spread, her legs pulled back so that her feet were over her shoulders, and her legs lying on the shoulders of the rapist so that they moved back and forth with his thrusts.

They finished as the watch ended and the first group returned.

That set the pattern for her two days and nights with the six officers. Each of them used her three holes as they wished. They had to eat and sleep so some of the watches just involved quickies at the beginning or end of the watch.

The officers also enjoyed beating her they didnt need any reason except that they felt like it. They used their fists, the palms of their hands and a leather strap. The targets were her ass, her cheeks, breasts and belly, and the soles of her feet. 

Chapter 5. In the Rape Frame

The off duty watch had carried Maria in the rape frame to the bow of the ship because that location would not interfere with sail handling.

Maria knew that with a crew of 100 men given free access to her, she would get little rest and might even die from the constant abuse. But she soon learned that 20 years of marriage had left gaps in her knowledge of men.

She was surprised by the “unnatural” behaviour of some of the crew. Sometimes a man would lie on top of her but instead of entering, he just rubbed his cock between their stomachs. His cum spurted out all over her belly. Some men sat on her chest and rubbed their cocks between her breasts. Other men crouched next to her face and jerked off so that their cum covered her face and went into her hair. And still other men made her take their cocks in her mouth and use her tongue and lips until they came in her mouth.

She tried to hold herself still and quiet rather than give the men the satisfaction of knowing how much she hated what was happening. But after the first few rapes, she began to squirm and scream. The constant heat and friction in her fuck tunnel triggered orgasms that had the men laughing and cheering. She flushed red in humiliation.

The crew did not give her food or water. Men pissed in her mouth when she begged for water. They held her nose closed and covered her mouth with their hands until she swallowed the piss. Sometimes a group of men would form a circle around her and give her a piss shower from her hair to her feet.

There were some men who enjoyed hurting her. She received kicks in her breasts and cunt and lashes from a rope across her breasts, her belly and her cunt lips. Men put their feet over her mouth and forced her to lick them. Sometimes a man would prick her breasts or pussy lips with the tip of a sharp knife.

Whenever she pleaded for mercy, she would be whipped with a rope. Nothing she said and none of her screaming had any effect on the men.

If she became too messy or fainted, they threw buckets of seawater over her. It was a very long and unpleasant 48 hours.

Chapter 6. Change Over

The end of the first two days and nights marked the change over of duties for the women. Maria was released from the rape rack and taken to the side of the ship where she was joined by Inez and Dolores. All three women had bruises and clear evidence that men had been using them.

The Captain had Inez tied to the rigging with her arms raised and spread. Her feet were just touching the deck. “This slut complained when I was ass fucking her. A whore should never complain no matter what her customer does. Perhaps 24 lashes will teach her better manners.”

One of the strongest sailors gave her a dozen strokes on her shoulders with a leather belt. He followed that with nine strokes on her ass with a thin wooden cane that left welts. The last three strokes were delivered to her back with a horsewhip that left bleeding wounds. Then she was released and the off duty officers took her to the wardroom.

The officers treated Inez much as they had treated Dolores. But they remembered why she had been whipped and made a special point of frequently using her ass.

Dolores was taken forward and tied into the rape frame. Her screams soon gave evidence that she was not enjoying the experience. But the coarse male laughter showed that the men were having fun. Dolores soon stopped screaming. She had learned that a wide-open mouth was an invitation for a mouth full of piss.

The Captain decided that Maria needed a bath. Her hands were tied over her head to a rope hanging from part of the rigging. She was pulled off the deck and a net weighted down with a cannon ball was tied to her ankles. Then she was dropped overboard and allowed to sink until her hands were under water. She was kept there for about half a minute before being raised so that she dangled in midair. Then she was dunked again and this time she was only pulled up until her head was above water. They played with her for half an hour varying the time under water, the time above water, and how high she was raised.

When they finally brought her back to the deck, she was given food and fresh water and was allowed to curl up and sleep. She was woken just before sunset, given more food and water, and bent over a cannon. The crew began a long night of ass fucking her. Each time a man fucked her ass hole, he finished by making her take his cock in her mouth and clean it.

At dawn, the off duty watch took her to the crews quarters and continued to play with all three of her holes. Occasionally she was taken to the rape frame and forced to lie between Dolores legs so that she could clean the sloppy cunt with her tongue. The crew made her put her tongue deep into Doloress pussy. Then it was back to the crew quarters for more fun and games.

Two days and nights passed. It was time for Inez to lie in the rape frame and Dolores to have a sea bath. But the crew complained that Maria was not giving good blowjobs. So Dolores and Inez had to watch as Maria was given 24 lashes before they went to their fates.

Chapter 6. A long and unpleasant voyage.

One of the crew had carved a wooden dildo about an inch in diameter and 8 inches long. It was strapped to Maria and when Dolores was bent over the cannon, Maria was the person who gave the first ass fuck. When Dolores was finally released from the cannon, she and Maria were taken to the crew quarters to continue as fuck toys for the crew. They were brought on deck just before sunset and forced to lie in the 69 position and lick each others pussy. Then they were forced to wrestle, the winner would wear the dildo and ass fuck the loser.

In due time, Inez was released from the rape frame, given her sea bath and took her turn bent over the cannon. This time both Maria and Dolores were wearing dildos. Maria ass fucked Inez and while she was doing that, Dolores ass fucked Maria. Then all three were taken to the crews quarters.

The crew fucked the women in all three of their holes. Each of the women learned to double fuck pussy and ass, mouth and pussy, mouth and ass, and each learned to triple fuck. Each day, just before sunset, the women were taken to the upper deck for “shows”. That might be Dolores and Inez wearing dildos and double fucking Maria, or it might be two of the women in the 69 position or Maria fucking Inez in the ass while a man fucked Inez in her pussy. Sometimes the crew smeared shit over the face of one woman and forced the other two to lick it off.

The crew punished any reluctance or disobedience by beating the soles of the womans feet until they were red and puffy. Then the woman was taken to the upper deck and hung by her wrists so that she had to stand on her feet. Passing sailors would hit her in the stomach or slap her face or breasts or kick her legs and ass. That went on for hours and was very effective in breaking the womans spirit. By the time the ship returned to Port Royal, Maria, Dolores and Inez were resigned to doing any sexual act no matter how perverse.

Chapter 7. Sold at auction.

When the ship returned to Port Royal, the three women were fitted with leather collars connected by ropes. Dolores was 10 feet behind Maria and Inez was 10 feet behind Dolores. Each woman had to balance a jar of water on her head and was told that she would be beaten if she dropped the jar. The women had to hold it in place with both hands. The position caused their breasts to jut out and left them completely exposed.

The slave market was close to the harbour but the women were led through the town to cries of “Make way for Lady Maria Gomez and her daughters.” They finally reached the slave market after an hour of being paraded naked through the streets of Port Royal. The three were herded into a small shack and given simple dresses to wear. They were simple sacks with holes for the head and arms. The women were grateful, it was the first time theyd been allowed clothes for a month.

Inez was led out by the auctioneer. He was carrying a whip and told her “You have a choice, do whatever you are told and be sold today, or be whipped until your back is bloody and be sold another day.”

She mounted a stage about 4 feet high and was positioned in a circle painted on it. The auctioneer cracked his whip and began his sales talk. “This is Inex Gomez, the younger wife of Major Luis Gomez, who has hung so many of our comrades. She is 17 old and has been well used by the crew that captured her.”

“Pull the dress off slowly and drop it on the floor.”

She moaned but obeyed.

“Open your mouth wide.”

He looked in her mouth. “She has good teeth nothing unsightly.”

He felt her lips. “Good full lips, well shaped for kissing or giving blowjobs.”

He ran a hand over both of her breasts and squeezed one while bouncing it. “Notice her well shaped breasts, firm with large nipples.”

He ran a hand down her front to her belly button and slapped her stomach. “A nice flat stomach, firm with no fat.”

He ran his fingers through her hairy triangle. “A good well furred bush.”

He ordered her to bend backwards. He pointed to her pussy lips. “See the well shaped opening ready for a cock.”

He ran a finger into her. “Easy entry since its been well used. Shes dry but would no doubt be wet with the right man inside her.”

He ordered her to turn around and bend over. He ran a hand over her buttocks and slapped them a few times. “She has a firm well shaped ass.”

He spread her ass cheeks. “A large, well used shit hole ready for fucking.”

He gave her whispered orders. “Stand up straight, face the audience, spread your legs and put your hands behind your back.”

“What am I bid for this slut who is anxious to serve men in any way they wish?”

There was strong bidding and her purchaser led her away.

Dolores was brought out after Inez was out of sight. The sales talk began
”This is Dolores, daughter of Maria and the well known Major Gomez. She is about 18 and was a virgin when captured. The crew has done a thorough job of teaching her how to please men.”

She was exhibited in the same way and sold for about as much as Inez. After Dolores was led away, Maria was brought out and subjected to the same procedure. She was older than the girls and not as attractive. On the other hand, she was the wife of the hated Major Gomez and men would enjoy tormenting her. The factors cancelled out and she sold for about the same as her daughters.

The three Gomez women began a life of sexual abuse and pain.

Chapter 8. Brothel slaves

Dolores was taught to strip and do a nude erotic dance to the sound of drums.  Her trainer used a thin wooden cane that left welts and she soon learned her act. She began each night fully dressed (including underwear) as the daughter of a wealthy merchant. Once she had stripped naked, her act required her to do a very sexy dance and walk around the floor with her hands behind her neck while the customers fondled her. Then they would use her holes.  Her pussy was the most popular hole and, if she were lucky, she would lie naked under 20 men before the night ended. A really busy night would find her serving forty men. Such a busy night could only be managed if she was repeatedly double or triple fucked.

One night was particularly memorable. The customers complained that her dance was clumsy. Indeed it had been. She was having her period and was very conscious of the blood running down her legs. It didnt bother the men they pointed at it and hooted and jeered. The punishment for her clumsy dance was to spend the night bent over a table while 30 cocks used her ass.

In time, the customers became bored with the strip and dance show. The brothel owner introduced a pole dance performance. A pole about 1 inch in diameter was fastened to the floor of the brothel. Its upper end was rounded so that it looked like a penis. A rope hung from a pulley attached to the ceiling above the pole. Dolores would be brought out naked, her hands tied to the rope and she would be hoisted into the air. Then she was lowered so that the pole entered her cunt. The length of the pole was carefully adjusted so that it was just inside her when she was on tiptoe and deep inside her when she was flat footed. The drum would begin and she danced up, down, swivel her hips and continue. There was a dancing master. He had a leather belt that would cause bruises, a thin cane that would make welts, and a bull hide whip that would break the skin. He used whichever was effective in forcing her to dance. The cane applied to her nipples and breasts was particularly effective.

The danced lasted for 10 minutes. Then for 50 minutes, men would be allowed to rent the use of her ass while she stood with the pole in her. Then there would be another dance followed by another session of ass fucking. She started work at sunset and was on the pole until midnight when she was lifted off. She worked as an ordinary whore from midnight to sunrise.

Inez soon learned that she had been purchased for a brothel that specialized in pain. Her owner put metal rings through her nipples. She began work at dusk when her nipple rings were attached to ropes hanging from the ceiling. Her arms were raised and her wrists tied to the same ropes. She had to stand there while men rented the use of her pussy or ass. Sometimes two men would rent her for double fucking. She was released at midnight but continued to work as a whore until dawn. She worked on her back, her front and her knees as the man preferred. Any customer who was dissatisfied would show it by giving her rings a sharp twist.

After some months, her owner devised a new act for her. She lay face down with her arms extended to the side and tied to stakes. Her nipple rings were also tied to rings in the floor. Men could lie on her back and their thrusts moved her body back and forth, constantly pulling on the rings. They also had a contest to see if a man could get his whole fist inside her. A man who got his fist in her up to his wrist was allowed to push and pull her very hard against the rings. The first man to fist her in a night was allowed to torture her for an hour. If she were lucky, that would just be a beating with a cane. If unlucky, he would prick her breasts and cunt lips with a pin. If very unlucky, he would heat the pin in the flame of a candle and press it well into her tender parts. Her screams when a hot pin was shoved through her clit would have stopped most men but those watching the show just cheered and laughed. The ordeal lasted until midnight when she resumed ordinary whoring.

Marias owner fitted her with a metal collar and nipple rings. The collar was designed so that a three-foot long wooden pole could be attached to it running parallel to her shoulders. When it was time for her to work, her wrists were bound to the ends of the pole so that she was completely exposed and unable to protect herself in any way. Then a wooden tray was hung from the rings and a jug of beer or liquor was placed on it. She was required to walk around the customers so they could pour themselves drinks. Of course, she was completely naked and the men were free to feel her up as they wished. Her holes were for rent at two prices. The low price was for public use, the high price for use of an alcove with curtains. Most of her customers preferred the low price. She worked from sunset to sunrise.

Sometimes her owner took her with him when he went to the open-air market. His purchases were tied to her rings. One day, while shopping, a large dog started sniffing her cunt. Her owned made her kneel with her hear in the dirt and her ass in the air. The dog quickly mounted her and a ring of men formed, laughing and cheering at the show. They tossed money to her owner.

That gave her owner an idea. He arranged for five other dogs to be trained to fuck her. When the training was complete, he forced her to crawl on her hands and knees at his heels when he walked to the market. There she stayed crouched and sucked the cocks of men while the dogs fucked her from behind. It was a profitable sideline for the brothel and she became know as the Dog Woman.

She would spend the nights carrying beer and whoring, and the mornings being fucked by dogs in the market. She was allowed to sleep during the afternoon.


Six months after the auction, the Pirate Captain checked on the Gomez women. He was surprised that they were all alive. All three had big bellies and were about five or six months pregnant. They werent bringing in much money for their owners because the customers were bored with them. Even offering drinks of clean, fresh milk straight from the source did not add much profit. There was new game in town one of the pirate ships had captured a group of nuns!

The captain was able to purchase all three of them at a low price. That was the first time the women had seen each other since being sold. They all looked years older and had scars all over their bodies.

The Captain put Inez and Dolores in yokes just like the one Maria wore. Then he shaved their pubic hair and heads so they were completely bald. He left them at a blacksmith for several days. The first day each was branded with a red hot iron on the right cheek with a P (Puta is Spanish for whore) and the left cheek with skull and crossbones,

The next day they were branded with a penis shape pointing from their belly buttons to their cunts.

And the third day, the penis brand was burned into their buttocks pointing to their ass holes.

When they recovered from the shock of branding, the Captain took them aboard a ship used for smuggling goods to Panama. They were landed at a beach and the smugglers with a mule train were paid to take then across the isthmus to Panama City.

Each had a tag attached to her collar. “For Major Luis Gomez.”

And so the three women finally reached Panama naked, branded and pregnant.

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