SexStory1 » Mothers and 'Daughters'

    Mother's and 'Daughters'  (1)

             TJ Ryder

   "Did you hear what Phyllis is doing to her new hubby?" the

attractive housewife said to her neighbor over the fence.

   Tammy Sue rolled her eyes as she put her clothes basket down

and turned to hear the latest gossip from the neighborhood's

biggest gossipmonger, Gladys.

   "What's she doing now, then?"

   Gladys looked around to see if anyone was hearing this which

Tammy thought absurd since she told everyone everything anyway!

   "Mary saw her taking Tom into the adolescent girls section

at Schwabbs the other day!"

   "Mmmmm, so what?"

   "So what?  Well listen to this then!  Later that afternoon

she saw Phyllis walking across the street with someone,

but not with Tom, she was with some teenage girl!"

   Tammy felt her heart thump a little when she heard that.

Did Phyllis actually get her hubby in girls' clothes? she


   "Well, it could be anyone, maybe some friend you know!"

   "Oh no, the girl had dark red hair, just like Tom's!"

   Tammy frowned, Tom had very distinctive reddish brown hair.

   "And," Gladys laughed, "he was having trouble walking in heels!"

   Tammy smiled at that.  "Well, good for Phyllis.  Tom didn't

make much of a male in the first place!"

   "Those are the best ones to feminise, honey! I am so jealous!

My husband Phil would be an absolutely ghastly woman.  You know

dear, now that your'e divorced, you should look for a nice sweet

boy you can rule the roost with instead of another asshole!"

   "Hear we go again," Tammy said.

   "No, really, your'e so attractive you can get anyone you

want, and why should you have to put up with someone telling you

what to do?  Someone who helps around the house, waits on you

hand and foot like Tom is no doubt doing right now, and you can do

anything you want to with him!"

   Tammy sighed, "that part does sound kind of nice!"


    A hundred miles away at Gardbrook School a young man also

sighed with a combination of desire and frustration. Timmy

was fairly typical of the boys sent to Gardbrook, a fetish-friendly

boys academy that specialized in the selection, cultivation and

education of 'special' boys.

   Sitting on his bunk in the two person room, he wondered as

he looked at his closet what he should wear tonight for the Friday

night date and dance.

   A knock on the door and one of his friends, Peter/Petra came in.

   "Still here, Timmy?"

   "Yeah, Mom's running a little late!"

   "Well you know, summer's finally here.  We should get together


   Timmy smiled.  "I'd like that.  Are you going to the dance at

The Club tonight?"

   "I don't know, you know I don't make the decisions!"

    Timmy ruefully smiled,  "any more than I do!" 

   "Come one, you got your mother to a Drive in!  That's something

I could never get mine to do!"

   "Oh," he laughed, "that was a little different though! And I'm

pretty sure that was my last date like that!"

   "Like what?"  The smallish thin feminine boy sat on the other bunk

and picked up a magazine.  Timmy frowned, thinking of that himself.

So physically like Peter, and in many ways so emotionally similar,

but his relationwhip with his mom in many ways so different!

Maybe half the boys at Gardbrook still had close relationships

with their moms, and many of them probably would for a long time,

but when he first was accepted at the school here, there was a period

when he tried to be in both worlds, with his friends from the

old school and neighborhood.

   Janet Spellman was a tall, voluptuous woman in her late thirties,

and while quite dominant was also very caring about her son who so

much reminded her more every year more of his father, now divorced.

She would only go out with a smaller and more submissive male; and while

the marriage didn't last, she could not have been more satisfied with

her resulting children.

A beautiful daughter so much like her, and a boy much like Harold.

But, she bit her lip as she drove to Gardbrook to pick her son up and

take him home for summer, was she doing the right thing? 

Those questions were always in her mind, even when Harold and she

argued about it.  Sooner or later, Timmy would grow up, and she wondered

if she helping him become the person he really wanted to be or the one

she wanted him to be?  And she hadn't seen Timmy for a week, and

that itself was a very difficult weaning process in the beginning also.

   "When did it really begin?"  Timmy wondered at Garbrook in his room,

idly stroking his erect penis in his pink bikini panties, having no male

underwear at all.


   "What are you thinking of?" smiled Peter.

   "Oh, for one thing I don't know what to wear!"

   "You mean what to go as, boy or girl?"

   "Well yeah!"

   "Go neutral then!"

   Timmy snorted,  "Your idea of neutral is a faggot!  Mother hates

that look and I'd be spanked at least.  Not the best start for summer


   "Not faggot, just indeterminate.  Listen, if you want to get on

her good side do what I do. I slip on a dog collar!"

   "Well, you are her slave!"

   "Youv'e worn a dog collar back from dates with your mother!"

   "That was different!"  But was it?

   After his father left and he entered his teens, his mom and sis

were more dominant, but also he became a much bigger part of their

lives, an essential part.

   For one thing his buxom mother still breastfed him, although he

couldn't sit in her lap any more.  She enjoyed it and he did to,

although maybe he needed it was more accurate!  Inducing lactation

in his younger sister, also well endowed and quite dominant, allowed

her to provide his nutritional needs to a point also.  Every Friday

night he was spanked, by both if his sister didn't have a date.

Of course mom didn't have a date, and neither did he!  She was his date!

She was also dressing him more and more, and wearing her used panties

was the first accessory.  That was another difficulty in going to

Gardbrook, so many emotional obstacles to overcome.  Wearing his own

hand washed panties instead of taking them off his mother.  Having to

go days without any sexual relief even though he wasn't required to

wear a chastity belt any longer.

   An event like the first day of summer after his first year

at Gardbrook made him think of other big days in his life, or

actually, he and his mother's life because she still dominated his


    Seven months ago he came home from school, tossed his books

on the bed and went down to the kitchen to get something to eat.

   His voluptuous mother in a low cut blouse turned from preparing

something on the counter and smiled.  Standing in only two-inch

heels she was still taller than his 5'5" height, and his slim

but athletic 125 lbs was lighter than her own in shape 134.

   "Just a second honey," she smiled.  He stood there waiting

and his erection had to be arranged so it moved upward in his

sheer panties, the only clothes he was permitted to wear around

the house.

   "How's my boy today?" she smiled, turning now, and pressing

her big breasts through her blouse at his bare chest, they


   Groaning at the warmth and fragrance and feel of her body

against his,  putting his hands  on her hips to pull her closer,

he had to tilt his head up to press his lips on hers.

   "Have you eaten anything you shouldn't have?" she smiled,

and probed his mouth with her tongue, enjoying the shivers and

shuddering and the throbbing pole against her belly.  His tongue

danced with hers inside his mouth, but he wasn't permitted to

tongue her mouth without permission.  Tonguing his mouth was

a little game she played when his only diet was from her big fruitful

breasts but now she knew he had a regular lunch at school like all

the kids.  Breaking the embrace with a soft peck of affection,

leaving him red faced and panting.  Her nipples were hard and

her pussy creamy but she didn't want him to know that, yet!

   "So dear, any news I should know about from school?"

   Sighing, licking his lips as she turned her beauteous backside

in a sheer short skirt to him as she continued preparing dinner.

   "Um, well, I made the lacrosse team!"

   "Very good!"

   "Oh, and this coming Friday?  Are we doing anything, you know,


   "Like what?  Would you like to do something?"

   "Well, I was thinking that lots of times we go to a movie?"

   "Is there something you want to see?" she said, stirring a pot.

   "Well, actually, the gang is going to Regency's Drive-In this friday!

And then theyr'e getting together at Arnold's afterwards!"  Arnold's

was a local malt shop popular with teenagers.

   She rolled her eyes at the idea and sighed.  "And I suppose you want

to go?"

   "Well, there's going to be dancing at Arnold's, kind of a record hop!"

   "Really," she teased, "do you have a girl you want to invite?"

   "Please don't do that!"

   She turned sideways still stirring her pot.

   "I told you you can go with other girls, honey!"

   His face fell and she patted his cheek.  "All right fine, that's for

another time!  Do I know any of these kids?"

   "Well, lots of them I think.  Billy from the old neighborhood, Lisa,

Frank, I know you remember him!  He's the captain of the Lacrosse team now!"

   "Really, I never would have thought he was athletic; so I guess this

is a kind of important social function then!"

   "Well,....I mean if you had other plans it's okay...!"

   "How many others are still going with their moms?"

   "Oh, well,.." he thought, "well Frank is for sure, and Tommy, and I'm

pretty sure a couple others!"

   "I just don't want to be the oldest woman there around a bunch of

cute teenage girls!"

   "(Sigh) You'll always be the most beautiful woman there!"

   She turned and smiled, "thank you honey.  All right, but wait, Friday

night is our time for your review, spankings,.. and other things!"

He swallowed, a mixture of emotions running through his mind at the


   "Yeah I know, but wev'e had to do that on other times before!"

   "I suppose," she said, pursing her lips,  "Sally will be disappointed

but I can tell her she can have her fun on Saturday night!"

   "Great, so its a date?"


   "Great! Um, and now, um...!"  He was anxious to nurse on her fullsome

breasts for a while like he did every day when he came home from school,

usually followed by her sitting on his face and cumming, and sometimes

a long slow blowjob that she dragged out and swallowed, making them

feel like they were getting all their nourishment from each other's bodies!

His mother was used to at least two orgasms per day, usually on his tongue

but sometimes on his cock, his genitals oversized by all the pumping hormones

her breasts had put into his system. A quick worship session and feeding and

cum after school!  But not just now!

   "Dear, I have to spend about twenty minutes getting dinner ready so why

don't you freshen me up, and you can kiss and lick my shoes while your'e

waiting so impatiently!"

   He breathed, "Thank you mother!" as he dropped to his knees behind

her shapely buttocks.  He immediately buried his face in her firm butt

crack through the sheer material, feeling that she was wearing bikini

panties, making her sigh.

   Reaching up with his hands to the waistband of her short skirt, he

asked  "May I..."

   "Yes, but just the back, I don't want to cum until later!"

   "Yes mother!"

   Slipping down her short skirt and panties, he first kissed each plump

perfect cheek, and she moved her legs a little apart, and bent forward

a bit as she still stirred  her pot, presenting her beautiful backside!

   "Mmmmfffff!" his tongue ran up her buttcrack, kissing and licking,

and paused at her rosette anus he knew so well.

   "OOOOHHHH, my boy is so horney today" she laughed as she felt his

worshipping tongue enter.  She allowed him to do that for several minutes

and then straightened up making him groan in frustration.

   "Now, slip my panties and skirt back on and then just lick and kiss

my shoes!"

   Still licking his lips at the taste of his beloved mother, his penis

leaking precum into her used panties, he groaned, and soon he

was bending over, trying to lick every inch of her high heeled

shoes.  She smiled.

   "Oh, by the way honey, what's playing at the Drive-In?"

   "Mmmm, kiss, um! Um, I think it's Beach Blanket Bingo!"

   Groaning, she winced.  "Just great!" she sighed.


   Pulling into the drive in movie on the warm evening,

the ticket taker smiled at them. He saw at first what

he thought was a couple and was pleased it looked like two

women.  And when the youngest one rolled down the window

he looked across her and saw a voluptuous woman with

big breasts and cleavage that made his cock stir. The idea

they were lesbians was exploding in his teenage mind.

   "Hello ladies!"  he smiled

    Timmy held out his hand with the money.

    Fumbling with the change, the teen kept glancing

eyes at those big breasts while trying to make conversation.

   "Hope you like the movie!"  The younger one smiled

but the older one just rolled her eyes.

   "That WOULD be something!" the other one said with

resignation.  Looking at the car as it pulled

out, he licked his lips thinking if he knew where it was

parked maybe he could take a peek into the action after

it got dark; but then he heard  them talk before the tinted

window rolled up.

   "Not too close to the screen, honey!"

   "Yes mother!"

   The teen sighed with disappointment.  "Aw fuck,

just another mother/daughter combo tonight!"

   Parking close to the back, the lot almost filled already,

Timmy adjusted the speaker on his side, and looked over at

his mom, who had dropped the visor and looked at something

on her eyelash.

   "You didn't tell me it was a double bill, Timmy!"

   "Well, we can just watch one movie if you like!"

   "That beach movie you wanted, when does that play?"

   "Mmmm, comes on second I think!"

   "Oh my...!"

   While his mother didn't like drive ins, Timmy loved them and

Janet was pleased he was still acting like that. He had his

gorgeous mother all to himself in a small space, separated from

the world, feeling his boner push out his panties and raise his

short skirt, detecting her subtle and familiar fragrance in the

car with the windows mostly all the way up.

   "Well," she smiled, "make sure the doors are locked!"

   "Yes mother," pressing a switch, and began to strip

naked, folding his skirt and sleeveless blouse neatly on the back

seat!"  But as he moved closer to her, she put a finger on his


   "Wait, honey, since we have time before your movie we might

as well do your weekly review first!"

    He groaned, anxious to nurse on her tongue, her breasts,

her sweet flowing pussy. 

    "Besides," she said sweetly as she took our her large

shoulder bag and removed a ping pong paddle and plastic ruler,

"we have plenty of time for that after your review and before

your beach movie!"

    Laying gingerly over her thighs, presenting his white

buttocks, she reached under and grasped his big rigid

erection, making him sigh.

   "Now remember my rules, no rubbing or getting off!"

   (Groan)  "Yes mother!"

   "Now," she smiled as she put her soft hand over his white

bubble butt, thinking how nice and pink it would soon be,

as she picked up her little notebook she kept for his weekly

review.  Occasionally slapping and pinching him, they discussed

the things she had noted.  Late with the laundry, sloppy

once with the ironing.  His snooty sister saying he was

disrespectful.  He always responded with an admittance

and a nod, anxious for her to get started, wishing she would

just punish him for as long as she wanted because she always

did anyway.


   Twenty minutes later, Janet breathed deeply and sighed,

and turned up the volume on the speaker to conceal the sweet

noises her son was making.  She also reached under and felt

the swollen throbbing leaking organ having felt the precum

on her smooth thigh.

   "There now," she smiled, patting his head and kissing

his tearful cheek,  "that didn't take too long now did it?"

her own flushed face betrayed her enjoyment and satisfaction.

"Now we have plenty of time!"

   "Yes mother, (gasp)" as he knelt between her thighs on the

floor as she pushed the seat all the way back, and following

their ritual, she smiled as he helped her undress, shoes, nylons

skirt, blouse, but not panties, not yet.  Her damp panties would

stay on until she was finished feeding him.

   Working his way up from her toes as he kissed her, he finally

began licking and kissing her big swaying milk-filled breasts.

Her soft hand on the back of his neck guided him to her left

breast, as he covered her nipple with his lips, and sucked,

she sighed, looking out the dark window at other cars.

She knew at least a dozen mother she knew of were out there

nursing their sissybois, wondering if that was Frank and

Lidia's car over there since she only saw one person in the

front seat, the other no doubt under her or kissing her toes.

   Several rows away, Lydia was in the front seat with her teenage

son Frankie, her attention wandering from the less than interesting

movie to looking around, wondering how this evening's little

plot she cooked up with her friend Janet and her sissy will play out!

Frankie wearing a short skirt and sleeveless sweater blouse with

a training padded bra.  His arm was around his lovely mother's waist

as he gave her neck and cheek kisses, and was making her sigh as

he undid her blouse buttons, revealing her big braless beauties

with already hard nipples.  Tonigh she was letting him make the

move first being a kind of boy's night, and was enjoying

the role of being passive.  But she did wish she had tinted windows

like Janet's expensive car because she could see shadowed shapes

in other cars around her, and was reluctant to remove her blouse.

   His insistent lips found hers, and they were making out like

girl and boy or lesbian lovers until he was panting and his big

cock pushed up his skirt.  But her soft hand restrained him from

exposing her breasts fully, so he was cupping and pinching them

and occasionally sucking her nipples.

  "Shhh, Frankie!  People will see me!"

   "Awmmmmooommmmmm!  I'm ready to pop!"

   "No," she said firmly, "not here!  It's not nice to expect to

fuck your mother with people walking by the car and looking in!"

   "Nobody cares," he panted, squeezing her nipple and making her

groan!  He knew she needed his big cock in every hole tonight as

badly as he did.

   "No, I said!  Wait till later!"

   "(Groan)  I just can't, well, how about a blowjob then?"

   She opened her mouth in shock, looking around.  "And nobody

will notice that?"

   "Nope, really, just kneel on the floor and its just a dark shape!

Look at some of those cars, mom!  See the ones with just one person!"

   She did look around and did see quite a few single people shapes.

   "Maybe their dates are at the refreshment center," she weakly protested

but her soft hand around the familiar throbbing hard cock she lusted

for was weakening her resistence.

   "All right," she gave in, "because I'm your date I guess this is

what girls do at Drive Ins!"  The boy groaned with relief and slipped

down his panties as she knelt between his legs, pleased he had

detailed the car before the date.

   "Awwwww!" he moaned, as her soft lips played up and down the thick

fleshy column, and gently kissed his bloated balls.

   "Mmmmm, (kiss, slurp) she said, tasting the precum on his thick

knob with lips and tongue, and hefting the heavy balls.  'Actually

this is probably for the best' she was thinking.  In another hour and

a half when the double feature ended he would be bulging hard again

and ready for the special surprise she and Janet had planned at Arnold's!

Normally she would blow him first and then sit on his face or have him fuck

her, but tonight, she wanted to encourage him to be in charge.

   Gripping the back of the seat, Frankie moaned as she expertly played

the flesh flute, and finally moved her full lips over the knob, and

he gasped, and then gently moved her head up and down.  He gasped

and groaned because he knew his mother would make him cum on her terms,

when she was ready.

   She had her nipples squeezing in both her hands now as she milked her

son, slowly, luxuriously.  Bringing him soo close to the edge and then

backing off, as he bucked and pushed with his hips but not trying to

push her head back as most men would if he dated them. Frankie knew his

orgasms, their quality and quantity, was totally up to his mother, and

he also knew hers were up to him, because she had trained him to hold

on until she was ready to break before exploding inside her.

   Playing up and down, occasionally stopping to lick the balls

again, tasting the copious precum seeping from the knob, she moved

her lips a little too fast, her tongue on his slit, and the unmistakable

tremors and bucking began and she cupped his testicles then and decided

it was too late to back off, so she adapted so she would catch every

drop if possible, moving her head back up, just over the knob and grasped

the throbbing cock and squeezed and pumped.

   Gasping and sobbing, his veins popping, he exploded with a hot

gusher inside his mother's eager sucking expert mouth!  She felt

a few drops escape her nose and the corner of her mouth but gulped

and swallowed the first warm gusher of his familiar mancream, and then

settled down to a long slow feast as he filled her worshipping mouth

over and over, running her lips up and down his fleshpole.  It took

another five minutes before she finally milked him completely,

giving the knob a soft kiss, licking her full lips, and then up

to his sweaty serene red face as he laid back on the seat.


   Then she moved back up to the seat as he kissed her, saying how

much he loved her, and smiled, spreading her thighs and checking

her panties.  They were soaked! She had cum as usual.

   "Do you want me to eat you, mother?"

   "Not quite yet, thank you honey.  I only like that when I make

you about to cream and your'e going to take at least an hour, and besides

I had a sympathy cum.  No, just hand me that travel bag.  I

have an extra pair of panties in it!"

   Slipping the sopping wet panties off, she put a fresh pair on,

wondering if she should have brought a third pair since the evening

was just beginning, and held up the drenched pair.

   "You know what to do with this, I think!" she said with a slight

tone of authority.

   "Yes, mother," he smiled and picked up the bikini panties and

moaned as he balled them up and slipped it in his mouth as he sucked

them, and she looked down and his limp organ twitched already.

Half an hour later she removed them and wrung them out by hand

and hung them on the mirror, hoping they would dry before.  Her

son was fully erect again, and she knew that pretty soon she would

be sitting on his face for the second feature and her shape would

be the only one visible. 

    Arnolds had several dozen cars in it when Lydia and Frankie

pulled in.  The walked in as mother and daughter, but also holding

hands, and saw several couples dancing.  The dance beat was slow

and loud, lights were kind of dim, several booths and tables were

filled and she knew many of them, as she made some greetings.

Arnolds' was a fetish-friendly hangout where they were comfortable

doing some sceneing in the back room.

   Walking by her friend Janet, she smiled at the flushed face of

her boy Timmy.  Despite wearing a dog collar and a leash

attached to his mother's wrist which was on his knee as they

sat together, his attention was so deeply on his mother that

he could barely remember what to say when introduced.

   "Oh my, Janet, she's just so precious and pretty, don't

you think so, Frankie!"

   Janet looked up at Frankie's also flushed face, noticed

the bulge in his short skirt and smiled wide.

   "Y-yes mom!"

   "And your boy makes a lovely girl too, Lydia!"

   "Thank you!"

   "Are you planning on cosmetics yet?"

   "Next term probably, he has to finish growing the doctor says!"

   "Mine too, but I think Timmy is finished growing.  By mid semester he'll

have a nice pair of boobs!"

   Frankie took his eyes off his mother reluctantly and nodded at Timmy,

a little jealous and uneasy now, because his mom and Janet were acting

too friendly and he knew they were probably going to fuck each other

tonight.  The little smile both women gave was because they knew the

signs of a good ballbusting and ready to burst young males.  After

sitting on their faces at the drive in, they were so pussy whipped now

the boys would do anything their mothers wanted just to get relief.

   "I thought Claire and Lucas were coming!"  Janet pointed her finger at

the dance floor where a luscious blonde in her late thirties was

grinding and french kissing her partner, a boy about her own height.

   "That's a boy she's making out with?" 

Janet nodded and smiled.

   "Why is he dressed, well, like a boy?"

   "Oh, Claire thinks the kids need to adapt, for variety.  Plus

there are several other couples like her and Lucas tonight.

Our sweet gyrls need different experiences, don't you, Timmy?"

   Timmy checked himself from rolling his eyes and just nodded.

Both he and Frankie began to figure out the big conspiracy by now.

   "Now, gyrls, while Lydia and I talk and maybe dance, I want to see

some nice polite socialization.  You have to learn how to dance and relate

with other sissyboys!"

   "Yes mother," Frankie half moaned.  Claire came over holding the hand

of her dance partner, a panting boy with a huge bulge in the crotch of his


   Lucas weakly smiled to be polite, relucant to release his mother's 

hand.  He knew what he was supposed to do.  Looking down at Timmy

who tried to avoid his eyes, he asked for a dance, and Timmy sighed,

knowing what was expected.  Still he hesitated.

   Janet unsnapped his leash.  "Now go ahead and dance, while we girls

talk! Have a nice time!"  As they moved of, the mothers beamed as

Claire slipped into the booth besides Janet.  There was a little

hesitation before Timmy put his hand on Lucas shoulder and was

led around for a slow dance, as they began to talk.  Another

mother/'daughter' couple came by, one they didn't know and introduced,

and Frankie, at his mother's silent urging, reluctantly asked

the shy teenage 'gyrl' to dance, and the three luscious mothers

looked with interest as Frankie led the crossdressing boy to the

dance floor.  There was a little hesitation to begin with, both

boys dressed as feminine girls, until Frankie took the lead.

   Claire smiled, "that's why I had Lucas be a boy tonight, he

was saying he didn't know what to do to begin with.  Who decides

who does the leading?"

   "They figure it out at that moment,"  Lydia said, her hand on

Janet's bare thigh, tracing it upward, her nipples hard.

   Claire sighed as she watched her son put his lips against

Timmy's neck, knowing how horney her son was now, he knew the only

relief would be with another boy or at least shemale.

   "I suppose they do have to grow up, but it's difficult you know!"

she said, her eyes tearing a little.

   Janet kissed her cheek softly, cupping one big breast at the

same time.  "Wev'e all been there, honey!  Just remember, we girls

need some quality time for each other now and again!"

   "I know," she sighed, her nipples getting hard!  "But I'm jealous!"

she laughed.

   "Of course you are, but it's not like him betraying you with

a real girl.  When we take the party back to my place after the boys

all get acquainted, we'll make sure the boys get off to a good

start before having our own little party for a change!"

   Claire looked doubtful at that, seeing Timmy finally accepting a tongue

in his lips from the boy and slowly responding.

   "They have to be able to function without us every single moment,

honey!" Lydia said. "Besides it's rather sweet watching them. Later

we'll make sure they fuck and suck each other properly.  Soon they'll

be going on dates with each other and that's another hurdle I'm trying

to prepare for!"

   "OOOHHHHH," Claire sighed, licking her lips, the nipple squeeze from

Janet on one side and Lydia's bare thigh rub on the other was

making her anxious to leave now for the woman's house.

   "But the reward at the end!  After each boy is a nice sissy shemale maid

we can have little parties with them waiting on us and even swap maids

for a weekend for a variety; and then when we want to go out together

they can relieve each other!"

   "So much more freedom, yes I know!"  Claire murmured wistfully.

   "And next semester when they have cosmetics, nice big breasts, they'll

be rubbing their boobs against each other along with their pricks!"

Lydia laughed.

   Lucas was cupping Timmy's buttcheeks as they ground their hard

cocks against each other.

   "I suppose your mom ballbusted you earlier, you feel ready to


   Timmy could only nod, feeling a few tears on his cheeks, wishing

he was with his mom but his own body betraying him to this more assertive


   The dance was over, and Lucas took his hand forcefully.  "You want

to go to that corner booth and make out for a while?"

   Timmy looked over at his mother, who he knew was groping the boy's

mother and who smiled encouragement at him. He knew he couldn't

go back there. He sighed, and nodded.

   From the booth the three mothers looked at the scenes around them,

their own pussies creamy and nipples hard, and Lydia looked at her

watch.  "Are we going soon, honey?"

   "Yes, but just wait, your 'gyrl' hasn't finished mine yet!"

Claire said wistfully.

   Janet took her lips from Claire's distended nipple and looked

over at the corner booth, Lucas was holding a head down on his

lap, concealed partly by the table, and clearly was panting.

   "I know dear," she gave the woman a kiss on her lips,  "It's

so hard watching them grow up!"


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